Facebook guidelines


BRAVE BUSINESS academy Facebook COMMUNITY Guidelines

Thank you for joining the Community!

The Brave Business Academy will help you get more clients, brand yourself, be yourself, make money, gain confidence, grow self-love and manifest dreams. That starts here in this group. Being pro-active will help you to move forward!

Our  Facebook community is a sisterhood where you come together to share insights, tips, ask questions, answer questions and most importantly support one another on your entrepreneurial journey and in our personal life. Please read and follow these guidelines.


By being a part of this community you agree to the rules listed below.

Before you post something it's very important for you to make sure that your post or comment is in line with the following guidelines or DOs and DON'Ts: 


  • Ask for feedback on your work, share your freebie, share a new program. However, if you use a link, only do so in the designated posts. We regularly add posts  where you  can share links to your own website, social media, etc.
  •  Create polls, set up meaningful discussions.
  • Do ask each other questions about the Academy content (and make good use of the Live Q and A's to get your question answered by Esther!)
  • Take care of each other. Do you see someone who has asked something and nobody answered? Pop in and share your 5 Cents. 
  • Share your feelings, doubts, longings, goals freely. We have a beautiful energy in the group and aim to keep it high, compassionate  and positive. 
  • Give feedback the Brave way! Remember many of you are sensitive. Start with the positive things and then share what you feel should be different. Be open and reflective.
  • Feel free to start deep, personal discussions that are not business related at all.
  • Share experiences from your life, for examples from visits to museums, in nature or at a concert. Inspire others!
  • DO show up. Do have fun. Do be vulnerable. Do post "Sisters I need a hug". Do ask for support from the community.

    DO NOT
  • Do not tag Esther! There are special posts and the live calls where you can communicate with Esther. 
  • Don't be mean or biased. This group is inclusive. Be open to everyone in the group. A non-prejudiced mind  will also help you in your business growth, brand and marketing.
  • Do not post 'just a link' without making it into a post. No matter how beautiful the video is you want to share. It's annoying, not a good example for your own communication (and it will be removed).
  • Some people love meat, others hate it. I get it, we all have strong feelings about something. Make space for everyone. This is a business community!
  • Do not sell anything – that means products, services, courses, events and your programs (use the special post for this)
  • Do not post affiliate links.
  • Don't PM people when they have not SPECIFICALLY asked for it.
  • Don't do the 'Be my Facebook friend, Like my page, Join my group'  routine. This is not how you build a Brave Business.
  • Don't send PM's to admins,  Esther or to anyone in the team.
  • NEVER share personal stories that have been shared IN the group to the outside world. Unless you have written consent from that person.

    If you break the sacred trust of this group we will contact you and possibly remove you from the group and the Academy.

    Tech support, or something is unclear, question about working with Esther? Contact the team at office@estherdecharon.com