Brand The Real You Welcome Page

Welcome!!! You did it! This is so amazing and I'm so incredibly happy that you decided to create a courageous, authentic, brave brand with us!

Congratulations. I'm thrilled that we're going to work together the coming 3 months.

1. Make sure you save the email we are about to send you. You will receive an email with all the dates for the Live sessions after December 18, 2020

2. The Link to the program area will be send to you before we start on Tuesday, January 7 , 2020

3. One of your lovely bonuses of the Brand the Real You is access to the Brave Branding Academy. Here you can look around and enjoy the many courses and video's untill we start on January 7, 2020.

4. Make sure you put all the dates in your calendar, join the Facebook Sisterhood and create  a space of 'This is possible for me' in your mind and heart.
When you ask for access to the Facebook Sisterhood we ask you to share the email you used to sign up for the program.

5. Celebrate!! You just took a big step into the Vortex of Possibilities. Pour yourself an celebratory glass of wine, whiskey, almond milk, tea, water or whatever makes you go 'YES!" and celebrate that 3 months from now you've got a totally visible, amazing, recognizable, rememberable, relatable personal brand!

With so much love,


Sometimes it takes a little time until your confirmation email arrives. Don't worry it will come!

But if it takes too long reach out to
We've got you!!