Grow your Business & Brand the Brave Way! The Monthly Membership that Brings Money in the Bank and Happiness in your Heart 

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Amazing clients, real money, business growth in alignment with your unique strengths. It's happening in this Membership! …  Even if you feel like you're going nowhere at this moment!

We open on March 17, 2020


Do you wish for a place where your business and brand grows - without feeling like The Eternal Odd One Out

Are you wired differently than the regular Go From A to Z entrepreneurs? Did you work your ass off this month. But are non-the-wiser? Instead, you feel tired, lost, overwhelmed and sort of sad. I know!  You are so ambitious and in love with your business. This s*cks!

There are thousands of entrepreneurs who don't fit the traditional business mould.  Yes. You are not alone!  You change your freebie,  too busy to post on social media. And when you brush your teeth at night you look in the mirror and think: "What's happening? I've worked so hard and still feel like I'm going nowhere!"

Maybe you made zero money that day. Maybe you created your freebie -yaaay! - but are afraid to post it. Because: "What if no one will download it"?

Maybe you visited a local business event. Now you have a Huge headache. Because you tried to fit in instead of standing out and own your unique personality.

It feels like you're lost in the desert. All the freebies in the world won't bring longterm solution. You can See the Next Level. But can't reach it. Money is tight, you don't have a strategy and most of all you don't have a community around you,

There has got to be another way. Right?

Well there IS a different way. The Brave Way! We help brave women entrepreneurs like you grow their business and brand.  Where ever you are - making very little money or when you bring home several 100K's a year.

We support you at every level. How? By testing your Unique Business Persona, help you understand  and embrace your strengths, energy, and the obstacles that get in the way of you building a sustainable, profitable business.  

The membership takes you through the fully personalized step-by-step roadmap, based on your Business Persona.
Full access to Business Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Selling, Mindset, Self-Worth and Self-Love  . . . everything you need to grow your brand and business and make more money . . . even when at this moment it feels like you're going nowhere.

The Brave Business Academy  

The Monthly Membership for Brave Women Entrepreneurs who desire success at all levels.

When you join the Monthly Membership of the Brave Business Academy:

You get immediately full access to all the Brave Business Academy content. 

Our step-by-step roadmap to real success (based on your business persona), accountability groups, monthly masterclasses, monthly Q & A's, workbooks, worksheets, and access to a growing library of Top Notch Guest Teachers, branding and marketing courses.

The focus is on action, connection, implementation, business strategy, branding, marketing, selling, mindset, self-worth and self-love

You will be a member of the most amazing community of kind, smart, supportive, vulnerable, ambitious, brave businesswomen from over 56 countries. This is the community where you finally can be open, vulnerable, share your wins and losses, get feedback and feel like you are part of something big and beautiful.

The Brave Business Academy is a Monthly Subscription. You can cancel it with 2 clicks Make sure you're on the waiting list to get the best price and the best bonuses!

What I want you to know

The time of hustling and grinding is over. This is the time where our feminine powers do the work. 

Connection, communication, love. I am proof that you can build a very successful business while being the typical 'Odd One Out'
I invite you to step into my world, where women support each other as real friends. In my world we lift each other up.

We give hugs, we see you!    

And the result of our unique way is that your business will generate more money, clients will recognize as their go-to Person and you get your life back!

I am not promising you it will happen within one Month.

I do promise you that consistent action, clear direction, massive amounts of self-love and heart-to-heart connection will bring money, clients and success at all levels of your life.

The Brave Business Academy is a Monthly Subscription. You can cancel it with 2 clicks Make sure you're on the waiting list to get the best price and the best bonuses!

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